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Namaste: a respectful greeting frequently used at the end of a yoga session; “I bow to the divine in you”

Nom-aste: a respectful prayer of thanks for delicious, nutritious and just plain yummy food

Looking after our well-being and eating tasty, nourishing food go hand in hand. This beautifully illustrated book celebrates mindful cooking and eating, teaching you how to bring the principles of yoga and mindfulness into your kitchen. From ahimsa (non-violence) and Ayurveda (food as medicine) to the art of making your own bread, you’ll learn how to give your body what it really needs in order to flourish, and how to nurture a healthy, positive attitude toward food. The 60 wholesome, plant-based recipes inside will add vitality to your daily life and leave you filled with good food and gratitude.
The Witchcraft Colouring Book

The Witchcraft Colouring Book

Conjure creativity and magick with the colourful world of witchcraft

Walk the way of the witch with this crafty colouring book. Manifest your magick and conjure creativity with enchanting illustrations and mystical revelations, devised for those seeking to delve into the occult. Read about rituals, spells and practices while you fill in the charming patterns and designs. Turn the pages to embark on your witchcraft journey, embracing the magick your colouring casts.

Discover the different types of witches, the tools you’ll need and the power you already possess in this bewitching book. Through covens and cauldrons, and now colour, witches can channel their power and hone their practice. This colouring book features intricate illustrations alongside mystical quotes and “toil-and-trouble” text to inform and inspire aspiring or more seasoned witches.

Inside, you’ll colour:

· Green, Sea and Cosmic Witches (just to name a few!)
· A witch’s toolkit
· A collection of crystals
· Spell swoops
And lots more!
The Magic Art of Fortune Telling

The Magic Art of Fortune Telling

We would all love to see what the future holds, and with the help of these exquisite gift cards you will discover ways to harness your psychic abilities. Learn about different kinds of fortune telling and its fascinating history as well as techniques for applying these skills to your life.

– Learn about your character by studying your palm
– Dowse with a pendulum to seek answers to your most pressing questions
– Decipher the symbols in a crystal ball to guide you to success
– Explore your past, present and future by reading tea leaves
Let this deck of beautifully illustrated cards be your companion as you learn the skills of the clairvoyant and take control of your destiny.
Rituals for Every Day

Rituals for Every Day

Including wise words, simple ideas and easy-to-follow advice, this soothing book will help you master the art of daily rituals

A daily ritual is more than a routine: it’s an act of self-care that’s carried out mindfully, and with reverence. You could use a ritual to set an intention for your morning, to help you process difficult emotions, or to manifest your goals – but whichever kind you choose, a ritual will always bring focus to the present moment and imbue your life with a sense of calm and purpose.

Within these pages you will find a raft of simple but effective rituals to try as well as tips to help you on your journey, including:
– Fitting rituals into a busy schedule
– How daily practice can improve your physical and mental well-being
– Inspiration for creating your own rituals
Whether you use them to empower, energize, calm or inspire, daily rituals will help you to live fully and intentionally, and this beautiful book will guide you on your way.
How to Be Mindful

How to Be Mindful

Say hello to a new, mindful you
Would you like to feel less stressed, live more calmly and be more content? The simple ideas that mindfulness teaches can help you achieve all these things, by allowing you to live in the moment and embrace all that life has to offer.  
Bursting with tips, centring statements and activities, How to Be Mindful will provide you with everything you need to make every day full of gratitude and peace.
Good Morning Rituals

Good Morning Rituals

Discover the quiet power of morning rituals with this beautiful book, which is filled with simple guided self-care practices and inspiring words to help you rise and shine

Every morning can be a good morning. Whether you choose to greet the day with a stretching ritual, take time over breakfast for a moment of gratitude, or perform a mindful meditation on your commute, with this book, you will discover how just a few reverent minutes each morning can imbue you with a sense of peace and purpose to last all day.

Within these pages, you will find:
– Over 50 ritual ideas to try, all of which are simple to carry out and will help to improve your overall well-being
– An introduction to the art of using morning rituals, and helpful advice on creating your own
– Inspiring quotes from well-known figures and thinkers, and affirmations to guide you in your practice
365 Days of Calm

365 Days of Calm

Find calm 365 days of the year with this little book of tips and quotes. It’ll transport you to a peaceful place, where you can focus on being present and reap the rewards of a more relaxed life.

Staying calm is about how you deal with your emotions, and this little book is here to help you pinpoint what makes you stressed so you can stay in charge of your feelings. Within these pages are simple but effective tips on how to:
– Use breathing techniques and meditation to help you feel grounded
– Practise mindfulness to avoid catastrophizing
– Improve your health and well-being for a happier mind

As well as its many practical ideas, 365 Days of Calm includes a range of insightful quotes, from Lao Tzu to Cara Delevingne, to help restore the peace in your day.

Learning how to create calm in your life will boost your well-being, mental health and inner strength, helping you to become a happier and healthier person.
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