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In My Head

In My Head

This accessible guide for 1115-year-olds will help young people to understand and manage their mental health

Do you ever find it hard to explain what you’re thinking and feeling? Have you often pretended to be okay when in reality you’re anxious or sad? However you’re feeling, you’re not alone – because many people find it difficult to talk about their mental health.

This book will help you be kind to your mind. Whether you want to understand your thoughts and emotions a little better, or learn some handy tips to help you to de-stress, it’s filled with information on how to look after your well-being and stay feeling good.

Topics covered include:
– An A-Z of mental-health conditions
– Neurodiversity in young people
– Simple self-care methods
– Healthy habits for your mind and body
– How to track your thoughts and feelings

In My Head will help you get to know your own mind, and give you the tools and techniques to make sure you’re feeling happy and healthy.
It's OK to Talk

It's OK to Talk

A supportive guide filled with actionable tips and advice to open up the conversation around men’s mental health

The most powerful thing we can do to support our mental health is to talk about it

For all of us, our mental health is just as important as our physical health – so why do we feel so ashamed to talk about it? It’s time to end the stigma and the silence around mental health, and this clear, approachable guide is here to show you how.

From tips on navigating mental-health issues to advice on reaching out to others, this book is packed with guidance on how to look out for your well-being – as well as how you can help those around you.
Topics covered include:
– Anxiety, stress and depression
– Suicidal thoughts
– Self-care and mindfulness methods
– How to open up and communicate
– Where to seek further advice

With practical tips and valuable insights, this book will improve your awareness of mental health, offer tools and techniques to enable you to manage it better, and empower you to live a happier, healthier life.
Just Be You

Just Be You

From the author of the bestsellers Don’t Worry, Be Happy: A Child’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety and You’re a Star: A Child’s Guide to Self-Esteem

This accessible and interactive guide for 11-15-year-olds will help young people on their journey to self-acceptance, inspiring them to embrace their uniqueness and realize their true potential

Do you struggle with low self-worth or feel you have to hide your true self?

Your teens are full of new challenges – peer pressure, exams, wondering what the future holds and everything in between. And what if you feel like you don’t fit in or you’re not enough somehow? Persistent feelings like these can have a negative effect on your mental health and well-being, so it’s important to develop strategies for boosting your sense of self-worth.

Just Be You contains top tips and activities to help you find the courage to stand tall and be proud of who you are, because there is no “right” way to be – it’s all about what’s right for you.
You will learn:
– To love the skin you’re in
– How to accept your differences and those of others
– Ways to develop the confidence to say what you think and feel
– Mindfulness and grounding techniques to instil calm
– The importance of self-care and self-kindness
– Where to get help when you need it
The Little Book of Breathwork

The Little Book of Breathwork

Learn how to use the power of your breath to gain clarity, peace and better health with this beginner’s guide to the ancient practice of breathwork

If you’re looking for ways to boost your overall health and well-being, and tools that can bring you instant calm, then breathwork is the answer. Breathwork combines meditation and mindfulness with the ancient traditions of yoga and qigong, with simple exercises that anyone can try.

Once you’ve started learning the art of breathwork, you’ll have the knowledge at your disposal to help you:
– Relieve stress and anxiety and create a deeper sense of calm
– Enhance your mental clarity and increase your focus Improve your overall physical health and well-being
– Harness your natural energy and boost athletic and motivational performance
– Cultivate a deeper connection with your mind, body and soul

With an overview of the history of breathwork around the world, and step-by-step instructions for carrying out different techniques safely in your own home, The Little Book of Breathwork provides everything you need to embark on your journey to feeling great every day.
My Self-Esteem Journal

My Self-Esteem Journal

A new journal inspired by the number-one best-selling children’s mental health title You’re a Star by Poppy O’Neill

This activity journal containing cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and mindfulness techniques to help children aged 7+ grow their self-esteem

No one feels great about themselves all the time – and when we don’t feel good it can be hard to know how to pick ourselves up again.

My Self-Esteem Journal is for those times. It contains a fun selection of activities and doodling pages designed to help cope with feelings of low self-esteem and self-doubt.
Inside you can:
– Fill in a happy diary
– Create your own mood-boosting affirmations
– Doodle your way to feeling great with the help of some friendly monsters
– Shout out loud how great you are!

This calming journal encourages children to tune into their feelings and find creative and lasting ways to manage low self-esteem. It contains simple ideas and activities throughout, allowing the child to work independently or with guidance from a grown-up.


You’re not alone in feeling lonely

In a world more connected than ever before, it can be hard to unravel why it is that you feel alone. The truth is, whether you’re sociable or solitary, extroverted or introverted, loneliness can affect us all at some point in our lives.

This pocket-sized guide will help you recognize and understand the way you feel, and offers practical advice for looking after your mental and physical well-being. From improving self-care to cultivating relationships, this book is here to help you break up with loneliness for good.
Mother Power

Mother Power

Know and grow your power as a mother with this honest, guilt-free parenting guide that champions your own needs and well-being as well as those of your children

The journey of motherhood is a physical and emotional rollercoaster, and there’s often little or no time to stop and consider your own needs, at least not without feeling guilty about it. This is where Mother Power comes in – a reassuring parenting guide that’s always in your corner.

This wake-up call for mums everywhere will demonstrate how looking after your own well-being can make you a better parent. Fully embrace motherhood, find your flow and unlock your greatness – thrive not just survive! – with these simple rules:
– Honour your own needs with a positive, guilt-free attitude to self-care
– Trust your gut when it comes to knowing what’s best for your child
– Stop comparing yourself, your children and your parenting style to the toxic messages you find online
– Grow your support network of honest mums
– Set a positive example of self-care to your child for their future lives and relationships
The Little Book of Ayurveda

The Little Book of Ayurveda

Make your well-being a priority and embrace your connection to the world around you with the help of this beginner’s guide to Ayurveda

Originating in India, the holistic therapy of Ayurveda is one of the oldest healing practices in the world. Based on the principle that illness and disease are caused by an imbalance between mind, body and spirit, Ayurveda offers a comprehensive approach to finding balance with an emphasis on a healthy diet combined with regular exercise, meditation and yoga.

The Little Book of Ayurveda will introduce you to the benefits of this ancient practice so you can uplift your mind and body with simple lifestyle changes to help you achieve balance.
Inside you will find:

An accessible and enlightening overview of Ayurveda
A wide range of Ayurvedic self-care rituals and techniques
Practical advice for introducing Ayurveda into your day-to-day life
Ways for you to create a habit of self-care to help you be the best you can be

Unlock the powers of Ayurveda and begin your journey towards a healthier you.
You're Not Alone

You're Not Alone

A comforting guide for whenever loneliness strikes, filled with kind words, helpful ideas and down-to-earth advice

We all feel lonely sometimes

In a world more connected than ever before, it can be hard to unravel why it is that we feel alone. The truth is, whether you’re sociable or solitary, extroverted or introverted, loneliness can affect us all at some point in our lives.

This clear and comforting book is here to help you understand loneliness and the importance of looking after your mind, body and soul whenever you feel alone. Packed with easy-to-follow advice and bite-sized tips as well as a selection of uplifting quotes, it’s a go-to guide for anyone feeling lonely or isolated.

Learn and understand more about:
– Why loneliness is so common and what we can do about it
– How to nurture your mind and body to give you greater confidence
– What the best strategies are to support your mental health and well-being
– How to form and build on new connections in your life
Life is Tough, But So Are You

Life is Tough, But So Are You

You can totally do this

We all face ups and downs from time to time, and if you sometimes struggle to cope with life’s challenges, big or small, then this book can help. Bursting with useful tips, kind advice and encouraging affirmations, this handy guide will provide the tools you need to overcome adversity and bounce back even stronger.

In this book, you will find:
– Helpful information on what it means to be mentally strong
– Suggestions to help you stay calm and positive when life throws you a curveball
– Simple ideas for taking care of your physical health and maintaining positive mental well-being
– Techniques for finding resolve in difficult moments, including tips and practical exercises for boosting confidence
– A guide to the different types of professional help available and how to find the right treatment for you

This is the perfect book for anyone looking to find strength, survive setbacks, and foster a brilliant, more resilient mindset.
Rituals for Every Day

Rituals for Every Day

Including wise words, simple ideas and easy-to-follow advice, this soothing book will help you master the art of daily rituals

A daily ritual is more than a routine: it’s an act of self-care that’s carried out mindfully, and with reverence. You could use a ritual to set an intention for your morning, to help you process difficult emotions, or to manifest your goals – but whichever kind you choose, a ritual will always bring focus to the present moment and imbue your life with a sense of calm and purpose.

Within these pages you will find a raft of simple but effective rituals to try as well as tips to help you on your journey, including:
– Fitting rituals into a busy schedule
– How daily practice can improve your physical and mental well-being
– Inspiration for creating your own rituals
Whether you use them to empower, energize, calm or inspire, daily rituals will help you to live fully and intentionally, and this beautiful book will guide you on your way.
Positive Mental Gratitude

Positive Mental Gratitude

This gentle book – spilling over with beautiful quotes and statements on the practice of gratitude – will empower you to celebrate the present, even in times of challenge and change

Gratitude is a gift that never stops giving. Helping you to see wonderful moments in the everyday, strengthen your relationships and improve your health, practising gratitude can boost your spirits and drive positive change.

The uplifting quotations and inspiring affirmations within these pages will help you tap into this quiet power.
This book will remind you to find the good in each moment, and how an attitude of gratitude can:
– Improve your mental and physical well-being
– Help you to motivate yourself to embrace the day
– Help strengthen your relationships by spreading kindness
Positive Mental Gratitude is your go-to guide to harnessing the power of positive thought, and will help you to relish the small pleasures, be kind to your mind and brighten your world.
Good Morning Rituals

Good Morning Rituals

Discover the quiet power of morning rituals with this beautiful book, which is filled with simple guided self-care practices and inspiring words to help you rise and shine

Every morning can be a good morning. Whether you choose to greet the day with a stretching ritual, take time over breakfast for a moment of gratitude, or perform a mindful meditation on your commute, with this book, you will discover how just a few reverent minutes each morning can imbue you with a sense of peace and purpose to last all day.

Within these pages, you will find:
– Over 50 ritual ideas to try, all of which are simple to carry out and will help to improve your overall well-being
– An introduction to the art of using morning rituals, and helpful advice on creating your own
– Inspiring quotes from well-known figures and thinkers, and affirmations to guide you in your practice
Be Your Best Self

Be Your Best Self

There are eight billion people on the planet, but there’s only one you

You’re already pretty great. But what if you could feel like the best possible version of yourself every single day? This inspiring little book is full of big ideas to empower you to make positive changes in your life, and to bring more joy, success and kindness into your world.

Want to develop healthier habits? We’ve got you covered. Perhaps you’d like to find purpose and contentment? Yup, that’s here too. Do you need a hand reaching for your dreams? Jump on board. Would you like to learn to love and accept yourself for the magnificent person you are? Then this book is your cheerleader.

Through thought-provoking prompts, notes-to-self and ideas to help you grow, Be Your Best Self will show you how to flourish as the kindest, happiest, most positive and motivated version of the wonder that is you.
365 Days of Inspiration

365 Days of Inspiration

Stimulate your mind 365 days of the year with this little book of tips and quotes. It’ll supercharge you with a new lease of life, helping you to get the most out of every day.

Inspiration is everywhere, but it’s difficult to get creative sparks flying when you don’t know where to begin. This little book is here to help you try out new experiences, look at things with a fresh pair of eyes and feel passionate about the things you love. Within these pages are simple but effective tips on how to:
– Break from the ordinary and widen your perspective
– Say “yes” to new possibilities
– Be mindful of your surroundings and experiences

As well as its many practical ideas, 365 Days of Inspiration includes a range of rousing quotes, from Oprah Winfrey to David Attenborough, to spark creativity.

Discovering what motivates you will boost your well-being, mental health and inner strength, helping you to become more energized and positive every day of the year.
All You Need is Rest

All You Need is Rest

From bathing rituals and sleep yoga to solitude and mental relaxation, discover the restorative power of rest and sleep with this beautiful little book

When was the last time you truly felt well-rested? Perhaps it’s hard even to remember. With so many demands on our energy, modern life can make it challenging to devote enough time to resting. However, it can be just as important as diet and exercise to our overall sense of well-being.

This little book will help you find ways to bring more rest into your life. It’s filled with practical tips and simple ideas, including:
– Different kinds of rest, and which kind your body may need
– Techniques to allow your mind and body to take a break
– Sleep self-care to help you fall asleep and sleep well
When you know how to get the most from your down-time, you can step back into your day-to-day life feeling revitalized, refreshed and reconnected to the best version of you.
Be Yourself

Be Yourself

Does your child appear to put themselves down frequently?

Perhaps they have a tendency to think negatively and doubt their abilities?

Do they worry about what other children think about them?

These could be signs that your child is struggling with self-acceptance.

This practical guide combines proven cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness methods used by child psychologists in schools with simple activities to help your child to build on their self-belief. It’s aimed at children aged 7-11 because a lot happens in these years that can impact a child’s emotional well-being, not just now but for years to come.

Your child will be guided, with the help of Glow – a friendly and supportive character they can identify with – through fun and engaging activities which are interspersed with useful tips, inspirational statements and practical information for parents.
Positively Me

Positively Me

This activity book is for children aged 7-11 years

It’s full of great information, fun activities and top tips to help your child feel happy and confident

Does your child struggle with low mood?

Perhaps they worry that they are not good enough and prefer not to try?

Do they find it difficult to speak up in class or make friends?

These could be signs that your child is experiencing feelings of low self-worth.

This practical guide combines cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness methods with simple activities to help your child to boost their mood and sense of self-worth. It’s aimed at children aged 7-11 because a lot happens in these years that can impact a child’s emotional well-being, not just now but for years to come.

Your child will be guided, with the help of Chip – a friendly and supportive character they can identify with – through fun and engaging activities which are interspersed with useful tips, inspirational affirmations and practical information for parents and carers.
Help Your Child Manage Their Moods

Help Your Child Manage Their Moods

Learn to talk to your child about their big feelings

We can all feel overwhelmed by big feelings, and this is especially true for children. They are still developing their emotional awareness and may struggle to manage their moods. While there’s nothing wrong with an emotionally sensitive child, it can make life a little more difficult for them if they become easily frustrated, cry more readily and experience low self-esteem and feelings of powerlessness. This guide will teach you the skills to nurture your child’s ability to notice, regulate and articulate their feelings in healthy, adaptive ways.

– Instil good sleeping and eating habits
– Help your child create a list of calming actions for when they feel angry or upset
– Introduce simple relaxation exercises
– Know when to seek support
Help Your Child Feel Happier

Help Your Child Feel Happier

Seeing your child experience unhappiness is difficult for any parent

With so many possible reasons for low mood, it can be challenging to know how best to support them. This guide will help you to communicate with your child and equip them with the tools to express themselves. Offering ideas for simple lifestyle tweaks, it will help you to help your child foster a more positive outlook and to build their resilience and self-confidence for life.
– Identify the source of your child’s low mood
– Nurture a positive mindset
– Build self-confidence
– Learn mood-boosting activities
– Know when to seek support
Calm for Every Day

Calm for Every Day

Find calm with this little book. Offering tips to help you let go of stress, and a collection of inspiring quotes to help you unwind, it’s an antidote to the bustle of every day.

You might think that “being calm” means being unfazed by stressful events – but nobody is completely immune to worry, anxiety or concern. In fact, these feelings are a normal and vital part of the human experience.

Being calm is all about how you deal with these feelings, and this little book is here to help you navigate them. Within these pages you will find a raft of simple but effective tips to help you manage your emotions and think clearly, including:
– How to recognize stress in your body
– Mindfulness exercises
– How to manage anxiety in the moment
– Calming self-care ideas

Breathe in… breathe out… and let this book be your guide to staying calm and feeling good.
Get Talking Cards for Kids

Get Talking Cards for Kids

This friendly deck of 52 cards contains open questions and simple exercises to transform the way your child expresses and understands their feelings. The box also includes a pocket-sized booklet with information for caring adults.

Let’s get talking!

Find new ways to connect, share and communicate with your child with the help of this supportive deck of 52 prompt cards. These thought-provoking conversation starters and gentle activities provide a fun and engaging way to spark conversation, encouraging children to talk openly about their feelings and develop their emotional awareness.

Compiled by an experienced child therapist and accompanied by helpful instructions, the colour-coded cards are divided into four categories for easy selection, including feelings, well-being, self-esteem and mindfulness. The open questions and prompts in this deck will inspire children to connect with their feelings and thought patterns and grow their emotional intelligence.

Get Talking Cards for Kids offers an enjoyable way to help improve communication, encourage self-discovery and foster an essential life skill.
The Joy of Missing Out

The Joy of Missing Out

Embrace the transformative power of solitude, self-care and silence

Do you often experience FOMO – the fear of missing out? If so, this is the book you’ve been waiting for. It’s time to start missing out on peer pressure and making time for the things that bring you true happiness. This friendly little book is full of restorative bite-sized tips to help you celebrate the joys of quality time alone, and discover the importance of nurturing your own well-being. Forget FOMO, here’s to JOMO.
It's OK to Feel Sh*t (Sometimes)

It's OK to Feel Sh*t (Sometimes)

A supportive guide filled with actionable tips and advice to help you when you’re feeling low

We all feel like sh*t sometimes, and that’s OK. Whether you’re struggling with low mood, self-esteem issues or a more serious mental health condition, it’s important to know that what you’re experiencing is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of.

Packed with kind words and thoughtful advice, this informative guide is here to help you make sense of your feelings. With a breakdown of the most common causes of low mood, from work-related stress to clinical depression, this book teaches you how to recognize these issues and provides helpful tips on how to cope with them.

Topics covered include:
– Anxiety, stress and depression
– Self-care and mindfulness
– How to talk about your mental health
– Where to seek professional help

It’s OK to Feel Sh*t (Sometimes) will help you gain a deeper understanding of your mental health and leave you feeling better equipped to deal with whatever’s getting you down, so you can take those next steps.
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